Boreaos, the fey wolf prince, is a nearly forgotten deity with massive wings that allow him to glide between worlds. He stands as a guardian, protecting the penitent people of the Poles and other regions with extreme conditions.

Boreaos, the noble warden of the balance of order and entropy in nature, only reveals himself to those pure of heart who fight to maintain the delicate equilibrium between good and evil. Some whisper that Boreaos is kin to Ord and Gede, born from their shared desire to safeguard the balance of nature in places of extreme climate. To the inhabitants of these harsh environs, Boreaos is the eternal prince, bound by duty to protect their home and the equilibrium of natural forces.

Boreaos, a winged wolf with barding, wings spread. A snowy owl flies in front of a full moon.

Chaos Crag of the Mad Moon God

An Adventure Coming Soon

A shroud of darkness has descended upon the fey prince’s beloved people of the North, the luphin clans known as the Rahk, casting them into a deep abyss of despair.

The fey wolf prince, Boreaos, who bathes in the ethereal light of the full moon, turned his back on the clan of luphin warriors when they were left desolate without their cleric leader many years ago. Boreaos Peak has fallen under the ominous shadow of a Shade lord who has imprisoned Boreaos. Now in desperate need, the clan must unite and muster all their strength to reclaim their god!