Who likes free Shadowdark RPG adventures?

My fellow collaborators have already announced Shots in the Dark #1 launch and availability in PDF with VTT maps! In addition, two Lulu print options are available to everyone at cost today. That means if you want a printed copy and like what Lulu offers, you pay for the print and shipping costs and have it delivered directly.

You can find the hardcover edition here and the paperback edition here. Both editions come printed with premium ink and 80# premium paper with a glossy finish to ward off those water elementals.

If you prefer getting your FREE RPG adventures from DriveThruRPG, click here for the PDF.  We are hoping to offer Print-on-Demand on DTRPG sometime soon. For now, head over to Lulu for prints linked above.

If you haven't found the PDF with VTT maps, head on over to Here's the description from the Itch page:

Assemble your party and brave the unknown in Shots in the Dark, a free collection of one-shot adventures designed for Shadowdark RPG and compatible with other OSR role-playing games. The collection includes 18 adventures designed for a single session of play featuring authors such as Sarah Angell, Samantha O’Brien, Sam McKay, and many more. Shots in the Dark also includes a table of Dungeon Events to add spice to your adventures, a handcrafted random encounter generator, as well as hooks and twists to take your campaigns in new and exciting directions.

Adventures include:
Spores from the Undercity by Brynjar Már Pálsson
Flooded Crypt of the Necromancer by Samantha O’Brien
The Rotting Gardens of Rafflesia by Sam McKay
Ill-Gotten Gains by Michael Kuhns
The Doom of Cear Ferros by Jack Arcanum
The Mines of Gloomwind Ravine by Frey Bugbee
The Monster under the Tower by Sarah Angell
Vault of the Once Great Thief by StorytellerSteamer
The Forgotten Isle of the Hydra Cult by Ethan Schotborgh
The Blackbridge Labyrinth by Connor Ludovissy
The Tarwell by Sam McKay
The Scorchard by Sam McKay
Thrice Sealed by Sarah Angell
Warrens of the Deepwood King by Sarah Angell
Elemental Mistakes by Samantha O’Brien
Frozen Tomb of the Nameless One by Samantha O’Brien
Terror of the Demon Cyst by Michael Thorn
The Word-Eating Wyrm by Sam McKay

To learn more about Shots in the Dark, connect with our fine team of worldwide collaborators on the Shadowdark Discord server in the SD Creator's Forum here. We will be working on #2 shortly and taking submissions for one-shots.

We hope you enjoy these adventures!