Azidar - Domain of Dragons

The realm of Azidar, a land abundant in precious metals, was not left unguarded. The ancient dragons, enticed by this wealth, took on the crucial role of protectors. They were acutely aware of the avarice that such riches can breed and the disharmony they can sow among all sentient beings. This treasure trove of gold, silver, copper, tin, and magical metals like adamantine and mithril gave birth to a pervasive legend.

The myth spoke of an ancient dragon whose amassed treasures were so vast that they became the very substance of the world. The inhabitants of this world use the name Azidar, while the dragons, in their tongue, refer to this place as Eos, the god horde of Mother Dragon.


Legend of Progenitrix

According to the myth, the primordial Mother Dragon, Progenitrix the Immutable, gathered treasure hordes from other worlds in the void and external planes of existence, bringing them to Azidar. Stories say Progenitrix breathed life into the metals, infusing them with magic and reshaping the very essence of the land.
During this time of creation, rivers of molten silver and gold and veins of shimmering mithril cut through the mountains, crafting a landscape of unparalleled beauty and power. Whispers of tales claim that the sky shimmered with the reflection of these treasures, casting a golden glow over the realm at dawn and dusk.
Progenitrix the Immutable creating Azidar
In their great wisdom, the dragons recognized the peril this allure posed. Thus, they established an unspoken pact to guard the lands of Azidar, ensuring that no single being could monopolize the wealth and tip the balance of power. They created sacred sites, hidden deep within the mountains and forests, where ancient wards and dragons guarded the purest forms of these metals.
The myth spoke of a time when a great calamity, a cataclysmic event, struck when a great and powerful entity broke the harmony of Azidar and attempted to remove one of the power-infused deposits of mystical metal. The myth also foretold when a new evil would again test the balance. Bards, historians, and storytellers passed this warning down through generations. Like a dark cloud, this prophecy hung over the inhabitants of Azidar, a constant reminder of the thin line between prosperity and destruction.
Artisans and scholars revered the dragons in the villages and cities, embedding their images in intricate tapestries and grand sculptures. Stories of dragon sightings, where the majestic beings soared across the sky, were told around hearths and in grand halls, keeping the legends alive and fostering a deep respect for the guardians of their realm.