My Arcane Focus

Writing Shadowdark RPG Adventures and More

My name is Frey Bugbee. I write adventures for Shadowdark RPG. When i'm not preparing to run a game, I focus on writing one-shots, monsters, a class or two, and adventures. These elements are designed to drop in to help build your campaign.

Shadowdark is a fun and simplified system that has stolen my attention away from everything else RPG. But Knave 2e, Mausritter, Thousand Year Old Vampire, and 5e are others that I play.

My aim is to help others delve into more dungeons using the Shadowdark system or other OSR, B/X, and Basic Fantasy RPG rule sets. I aim to create a system-neutral setting with short, inspiring bits of lore that make it easier to drop into your game.

Currently, everything I write is designed around Shadowdark rules since it's so slick and easy to entertain with.

Converting my adventures into Knave and 5e-compatible rules, monsters, and the like, is on my radar and planned. I started playing RPGs with 2e and 5e brought me back to playing RPGs. Come back soon if 5e is your only RP-thing.

A wizard Raises the dead by Ink Potion Studios @_gasparisme

More Coming Soon!

Stay tuned and come back soon for more content.

Fast Shipping

It's hard to beat the speed of a downloaded PDF. But when you want a hardcopy, you can choose to get it as fast as you can!

Multicultural Creators

I'm based in the US and work with illustrators from around the world. As the business grows, I plan on bringing on even more diversity.

Environmentally Friendly

The penultimate best way to save the environment by printing only what you need and on demand thanks to

Free Spell Scroll with Every Order

Not really. But wouldn't that be the coolest? I mean, burning a spell scroll to try and learn the spell permanently sounds like we're going to need more spell scrolls!